There has always been a big gap in the way we understand the LGBTQ world. Both are from an amorous and a sexual point of view. Often, in fact, when we talk about men and women, there is not an adequate deepening in the hetero or homo specification, and often surveys and statistics that speak of relationships are not sufficiently clear. Because few have bothered to understand how appointments are made between men and men, or between women and women. But, finally, we can take care of it too.

According to a poll, which examined over a thousand American singles from the LGBTQ community on the occasion of the month of Pride, most lesbians (59 percent) do not categorize themselves in any group and follow no stereotype. Only 11 percent of women identify themselves as “butch”, and 8 percent are classified as “lipstick” lesbians. For the lesbian escort service this is the best bit now.

The survey also found that 75% of women reach their sexual awareness not before the age of 20 or 21, while for men the awareness reaches around 18, or even earlier. But only 25 percent of the people interviewed publicly announced their orientation.

Pair of women

16 percent of gay men decide to have sex on the first date, while only 2 percent of lesbians offer such an approach. The vast majority of the sample believes that the orientation is biological, with only 7 percent thinking it is dictated by experience. And if you’re wondering who pays on the first date, almost half say they do it halfway, while 62 per cent thinks that the bill is up to whoever invited the other.

As for the sexting, that is the sending of content pushed for messages, one out of two adopts this choice, by sending its own explicit photos. It is mainly men who make use of it, while only one woman in five makes the conversation “hotter” than necessary. A final observation on the number of sexual partners in one’s life: on average, there are 30 men, between relationships and quickies, while women count 12.

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